Dog training courses

One to One training – conducted in your home, or surrounding area. These sessions are priced at £35 per hour, plus 40p per mile for fuel if outside of Gloucester. The training techniques you will learn are designed to help you build a fabulous relationship with your dog. The methods used are reward based and force free, so that your dog looks forward to each training session with an eagerness to learn!

Add to this some valuable cues to help with control in difficult situations and you end up with a well adjusted, well behaved dog.

Behaviour Consultations – for more problematic behaviours – cost around £75 plus mileage, and can last up to 2hrs. Afterwards a behaviour modification program will be emailed to you and advice given over the telephone for as long as is needed.

Scent Detection Workshops – for any level and any breed – available in Worcester. Please visit to join our team of fabulous detection dogs. Watch your dogs focus develop and your relationship grow, as they show you how truly amazing their nose is!

Scent Detection one to one training – also available in Gloucester, please call 07730612452 for details.

Please Contact us for more information, or to book a session, call or text 07730612452 and I will get back to you asap.