About me

Hi my name is Natalie, I have lived and worked with dogs for most of my life. I have learned a great deal from hands on experience, as well as through scientific study into how dogs learn.

I am a Qualified Advanced Instructor with the PDTI and have a level 5 Diploma in Canine Training and Behavioural Management. I have also been accredited by the Pet Professional Guild as a Professional Canine Trainer PCT-A. I have a City and Guilds in Scent Detection and am a qualified Instructor for the UK College of Scent Dogs.

I use force free methods and update my knowledge on a continual basis. I’ve worked for the RSPCA and other rescue centres, as well as learning from top behaviourists like Chirag Patel, Kay Lawrence, John Rogerson, Robert Alleyne, Robert Hewings and Angela White to name a few.

I have taken both theory and practical courses in canine psychology, advanced training, clicker & target training and behaviour counselling. These included, behaviour modification programmes, separation problems, fears & phobias, dog/dog aggression, dog/human aggression, obedience training, tracking, detection and hearing dog work. However I am not a qualified behaviourist, I am a dog trainer who deals in most types of behaviour problems. 

I understand that problem behaviours need to be looked at in depth, by going beyond the realms of treating the symptoms and looking for the root cause of the problem. So that it doesn’t re-surface at a later date. My methods are reward based and my purpose is to enhance the quality of life for both you and your dog.




As laws get tougher on dog ownership, we hear more and more cases on TV and in the newspapers of dogs biting the hand that feeds them. Far too many dogs are abandoned or put to sleep every year for showing normal instinctive behaviour. Whilst many dogs live happily in our environment, others are confused as to what we require of them. They are very good at reading human body language, and although many owners don’t realise it they are constantly sending out the wrong signals to their dog. This can cause the dog to become stressed, which in turn can lead to problem behaviour.

Dogs can show stress in many ways, and most owners may just think they’ve got a mad dog that jumps all over people, chews the house when they are out, maybe shows aggression when he doesn’t get his own way etc. etc. We interpret this as bad behaviour, but it is really just normal canine behaviour exhibited in the wrong way.

In order to correct most behavioural problems you, the owner, need to learn how to communicate with your dog in a way in which he understands and enjoys. Training without force or intimidation builds an excellent relationship resulting in your dog willingly doing the things you ask it to do.

Don’t give up on your dog, I can teach you how to do this.


Areas covered – Gloucester, Cheltenham, Newent & the Forest of Dean.