Dog Care Ownership Tips

Here are a few tips to help you keep your dog safe and healthy.
Advice On Care Of Your Dog

Dog Theft

Dog Theft is on the increase, the thieves are in many cases organised gangs who will not miss any opportunity you give them to steal your dog. Dogs are commonly stolen from outside shops, so never leave your dog unattended outside a shop. You may think you are only going to be a few moments, but that is all it takes!

Dogs are also stolen from gardens, homes and on walks. Please make sure you know where your dog is at all times!

Cold Weather Advice

Cold Weather Advice

The snow looks lovely, but do remember to keep your dogs feet free of ice balls if they have long hair between their toes and to wash their feet off when they come in as there may have been Rock Salt/antifreeze spread on roads and pavements. Salt is bad for dogs and antifreeze is poisonous, which will make a dog very sick and it might die.

Hot Weather Advice

Hot Weather Advice

Never leave your dog in a car, it may not seem warm to you but cars quickly become warm and your dog cannot open the door to escape. Leaving a window open and providing water on a hot day is not good enough, there is still not enough ventilation for the dog to cool down and they will over heat. When this happens their organs start to shut down and as the poster says;
“Dogs Die in Hot Cars!”

When it is hot avoid walking your dog in the middle of the day, they cannot sweat so the only way they can cool down is by panting. The pavements are also very hot and they can burn their feet. If your dog shows signs of over-heating cool it down with tepid water around the back of the ears, feet, chest and provide shade and ventilation, check its temperature. If in doubt take it to a VET.

Never Leave Dogs Alone With Children

Never Leave Children And Dogs Alone

It is never a good idea to leave dogs and children alone together. Children move quickly, and play can become noisy. Dogs do not understand that the child is not always aware of the impact of their actions, so can unfortunately bite a child.The dog in this picture is clearly unhappy, the child unaware of the distress her actions are causing this very patient dog.

Household Poisons

Poisons In The Home & Garden

Some foods and plants are poisonous to Nuts. Antifreeze. Daffodils/Tulip bulbs. Lilies, slug pellets.
These are just a few off a list of over ogs;
Xylitol in sugar free products.
Onions/raw garlic.
Chocolate especially dark chocolate. Nuts. Antifreeze. Daffodils/Tulip bulbs. Lilies, slug pellets.
These are just a few off a list of over 60 products and plants.

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